Our Advantage

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We are a great choice for you and your children.  Here are just a few advantages that you will like about the Guardian Angel Day Care.


  • Quiet residential street.
  • Large private parking lot with safe, easy access when dropping off and picking up children.
  • School bus delivers children from school right to the front door of our building.
  • Spacious outdoor area large enough to provide two outdoor age appropriate playgrounds each with plenty of suitable equipment to play on.
  • Two indoor play rooms for preschool and two more indoor play rooms for nursery children.
  • Right across the street from the Angels Among Us Preschool.
    Children who participate in both our day care and the pre-school across the street are escorted by a teacher back and forth between the two facilities.  What's more, if your child participates in both our day care and the preschool at the Christian Church across the street he or she will see familiar fellow children at both locations.  We even share two staff persons at both locations.  That means your child will feel more comfortable and secure being surrounded by people he knows.
  • Less than two blocks from Public Library.
         Participate in the library's Summer Ready Program in two age groups.
         Other field trips to the library.
  • Close enough to the town square to go on field trips.
  • Children love to go on walks when the weather is beautiful.  Happily, we are in an area where we can safely take the children for walks.

Shaping Young Lives

  • Preschool children learn:
         The Alphabet
         Shapes and colors
         Days of the week
         Months of the year
         Pledge of Allegiance
         The five basic food groups
         and more.
  • Daily planned age appropriate activities.
  • Weekly Bible Lessons appropriate for pre-school age children.
         Bible lessons also have a weekly activity theme.
  • Children learn a variety of songs; including some with a Biblical theme.

Health & Safety

It's all about what's good for the children.

  • Fire drills conducted monthly and reviewed by state inspector.
  • Tornado drills conducted every three months and reviewed by state inspector.
  • Surprise visits from state inspector to examine entire facility.
  • Well balanced lunch prepared daily as well as morning and afternoon fun snacks.
  • State certified nutrionist periodically visits and provides information and examples of healthy foods.
  • Our outdoor playgrounds are double gated to provide additional security and safety.
  • We are the only certified Missouri Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care in town.

Tuition Assistance

As a state licensed day care facility we are able to accept children who receive financial assistance through the Division of Social Services.

For us, it's a Calling

We're a not-for-profit organization.  It's not a business for us.  It's a ministry!  Our first and foremost concern is the welfare and the care of children.  Policies and procedural decisions are not made by anyone looking to increase the bottom line for personal gain, but rather by the Guardian Angel Day Care Board composed of people who care deeply about the children of our town.  We opened a day care center many years ago because our church saw a need shared by many families in Carrollton.  We felt compelled to respond to that need as a service to our community.

We've been around a long time

We have been serving the children of Carroll County and their families since 1986.  All those years of experience providing compassionate and qualified care for all types of children means you can feel confident that you are leaving your child is in good hands.