About Us

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We've Been Around a Long Time

If you're looking for experience, we've got it!  The Guardian Angel Day Care began caring for children back in 1986.  We were elevated to a state certified day care in 1991.  In fact, for 23 years we were the only state certified day care in Carroll County.  All this started because the folks at the Carrollton United Methodist Church saw a need among young families for quality day care.  That commitment to provide a safe, clean, and caring environment where parents can confidently leave their children continues to be a driving force for our day care even today.  For certification purposes the state identifies us as The United Methodist Church of Carrollton, MO Day Care.  But since the very begining we have been known locally as The Guardian Angel Day Care.

Our Goals

The Guardian Angel Day Care program adds to and strengthens the experience and training provided at home.  Our day care encourages:
Health and safety.
Building responsibility and getting along with others.
Building individuality and self-respect.
Laying foundations for later learning.
Promoting physical, emotional, and social development.
Creativity enhancement.

Our Philosophy

Why do we provide a weekday program for children and their families?

Each child is a child of God and should have every opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually to their fullest potential.  The church is called to the ministry, caring for children, showing concern for families and providing support for its own congregation and for the surrounding community.

A child care program housed in a church is expected to reflect the highest values and the best of care.  In the United Methodist Church, we have the opportunity to offer the finest in early childhood education and to direct attention to the Christian faith through education.  We recognize the importance of adults as role models of acceptable behavior for children.  When adults use attitudes of thankfulness, sharing, patience, love, joy, fairness, and obedience, children begin to pattern their own ways of acting after them.  We encourage health and safety, building respect, getting along with others, individuality, and creativity.  Communication between the home and the day care is a very important aspect for creating an effective and positive program.

Our Staff

Here at The Guardian Angel Day Care your child will in be experienced hands.  Janet Plackemeier, Jannie Saltsgaver, and Kristen Thompson have all been certified by the state to be day care directors.  Find out more about those who will be looking after your child.